Follow along with Amy from The Idea Room to get your home organized little-by-little over the next 25 days.
Each day includes a different area of your home to organize, with helpful videos, tips, and resources.  
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How Does This Challenge Work?

Step 1: Commit
If you've wanted to organize your home for a while but haven't been able to find the motivation, now is the perfect opportunity to get started! With The Idea Room's easy-to-follow 25 Day Organization Challenge, you will receive all the help and encouragement you need. All you need to do is commit and follow the steps below.

Step 2: Sign Up
Sign up for The Idea Room's 25 Day Organization Challenge by entering your information in below.  After you sign up you will be able to create a unique account, which will allow you to track your progress and come back each day for a new area of the house to organize. Once you create your account, but sure to confirm your email so you can receive the daily challenge prompts! (*Note: confirmation email may appear in spam or trash).

Step 3: Watch The Video For Each Day
This challenge was originally given to The Idea Room's followers on Instagram, where each day Amy organized a different part of her house, showing how it looked before and after. You will be able to watch the video for each day and organize your home alongside Amy.

Step 4: Check Out The Helpful Resources
Amy has provided the most helpful resources and products she has found to organize each part of her home. You can use them too at the click of a button! 

*I share some helpful products that may contain affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a small commission. But if you know me and have followed along for a while you know that I only share products I truly love and use in my own home! 

Step 5: Receive Encouragement And A Reminder To Complete Each Day's Challenge
By signing up for the challenge, you will also receive a daily reminder to complete the challenge, helping you consistently organize your home. Breaking it down into small pieces makes it easy and fun to finally organize your home how you want it!

Who is Amy?  What is The Idea Room?

Meet Amy Huntley | The Idea Room

Hi! I am Amy and the author of The Idea Room, an online blog dedicated to sharing ideas with the hope and desire to inspire other women and families. I have always enjoyed working on creating an organized home that I enjoy spending time in with my husband and 5 children.

Women generally find themselves busy with a lot of responsibilities. Because of this I have created this 25 Day Organization Challenge to help women get organized so that they have the time they need to be successful in all areas of their life. I have found that when make an effort stay on top of the clutter and organized your home, you naturally bring in more clarity and balance into your life and home.

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