Bringing Clarity and Balance to Your Life and Home
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How To Organize Your Life, Mind, And Home 
Without Hiring Expensive Professionals Or Getting Overwhelmed
What Does This Course Include?
Your Ideal Home: The best processes to set and achieve your vision by breaking it down into actionable steps ($300 Value)

Teaches you how to break down an overwhelming project into small, manageable steps, by:

          ✓ Clearly defining your goal and vision for your home

          ✓ Learning how to evaluate specific rooms and identify what you want to be improved

          ✓ Identifying specific, easy to complete tasks in each room that will contribute to your overall goal without overwhelming you

          ✓ Getting your family or others involved in the process

The Balanced Home Organization Core ($1,000 Value)

Contains my core Decluttering and Organization Processes, which shows you how to:

          Learn how to declutter and organize your home
              (By learning processes and techniques that really work)

          Deal with stuff you don't know how to get rid of

          Understand what qualifies as hoarding

          Understand how to overcome hoarding tendencies

          Deal with your junk room

Cleaning and Maintaining: The best processes to clean and maintain your home after it has been organized ($200 Value)

Teaches you how to maintain your home once it is clean and keep it organized, by:

          ✓ Providing you with the basic cleaning routines you need to naturally stay in control of your home

          ✓ Teaching you my amazing "Ten-Minute Clean-up" process, which allows you to clean an entire floor / room in ten minutes or less!

          ✓ Showing you how to establish routines with your kids and other members of the family

          ✓ Sharing important resources such as chore cards, favorite cleaning products, and a deep-cleaning checklist, and more

          ✓ Explaining the laundry routine we use in our home to get our laundry done every week without even thinking about it

          ✓ Teaching you how to deep clean your home after it has been decluttered and organized

          ✓ Showing you how to help the other members of your household be on the same page and not "unclean" your home

The Tools: Workbook, Resources, Labels, and More ($250 Value)

Contains everything you need to help guide you through each lesson, including

          An easy-to-follow workbook to guide you step-by-step through the lessons

          Printable Labels

          A vision sheet for your home

          A working checklist of tasks you can accomplish in 30 minutes or less

          Shopping and To-Do Lists

          Monthly Calendar and Weekly Schedule

The Mental Foundation: The best processes to overcome mental barriers from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi's Mastermind Course ($200 Value)

Helps you to find the time, the energy and the motivation to organize your home by:

          Discovering your "true, internal why" -> what motivates you to want an organized home

          Helping you clearly identify what is holding you back from success

          Teaching you how to organize your schedule to create new pockets of time

          Helping you discover what is most important for you to accomplish with your time, as opposed to just urgent or habit

          Helping you cut out the things that aren't important and identify gaps in your schedule you can dedicate to working on your home

The Private Balanced Home Community (BONUS - Priceless)

 Provides a community that you can go to whenever you need a place where you...

          Seek inspiration and ideas from others

          Receive support and motivation from others

          Share your successes and see the successes of others as we all work towards finding balance and clarity in our homes.

          Can ask questions and let me know what you may still need help with so that I can continue to cater the course to your needs
TOTAL VALUE:  $1,950
*Yours Today For ONLY $100!
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What Do People Have To Say About The Balanced Home Course?
"This course was instrumental in helping me organize my space as well as my time. As a busy mom, I have a better grasp on what my days need to include so that I can enjoy my family rather than spend my time spinning my wheels cleaning up after everyone"
"The Balanced Home Course helped me to be the “professional organizer” for my family! Simple steps to follow, check lists, printable labels, suggestions and worksheets will keep you on track to successfully maintain your own balanced home."
"I am pretty sure I have solved more issues with the seven layers and clarity tool than I have in 6 months of therapy!! I think this course is going to help much more than my home. Thanks Amy!!!!"
"When I realized I had been overcomplicating the idea of organization, that simplifying was a key component, then things really started to fall into place!"
"At first I struggled with [the overcoming mental barriers] module because it really made me look at myself and all the things I allow to influence me. However, as I really worked through each step as painful as it was internally the external benefits were amazing"
“I feel like I can do this! A once overwhelming task doesn't feel so impossible any longer. Thank you!”
“This course has given me a great foundation in reworking my thinking about some of the basics. I am excited to get started on the rest of my home!”
“It helped me realize the rituals and habits I had developed that were not the most productive or efficient way of keeping my home clean. By learning new ways to streamline my focus and shift my priorities in relation to the state of my home, helped me to eliminate unnecessary stress and anxiety!”
“Overall this course has been very motivational! It took me a while to finally bite the bullet and get started, but I found the course had all the tools and worksheets to get going and have a great experience. I am excited to be able to keep working on module 4 and declutter some more so I can get my home and my life on the right track.”
“I really do feel confident in continuing to work on the rest of my home. The individual room evaluation list are genius and very helpful so I am planning to print one for each room. I love all the tricks and tips and am grateful I was able to be a part of this course!”
"Scheduling cleaning time and specific tasks organizing time in a space was such a “why had I not thought of that” moment. It is so much more satisfying to tick off done on my schedule as well as crossing it off of a to-do list! I also like the family scheduling time. Thank you for the simple suggestions!"
“This course is a realistic step by step to organizing your home and adjusting the process to your needs. I enjoyed participating in the beta group and I look forward to accessing the entire course at once it has been launched in September. I wish you much success!”
"It totally made me realize that a mess isn't just stuff to deal with sometimes it's raw emotions and frustrations within a relationship."
"This course was such a great way for me to see the vision, get the motivation, and be provided with the tools I need to achieve my home goals!"
"I definitely am using the Individual Room Evaluation forms to organize my home projects! This gives me clarity on what I want to accomplish and breaks down major plans into manageable tasks that are not overwhelming to me, which allows me to actually get things done!"
“I loved working through Module 2. It helped me put things in my life into perspective so I can reach my goals. Listing out all the things I do on a daily basis was especially helpful to figure out where my time is going each day.”
“It taught me how to better focus by creating that vision. Without that vision I would normally find myself jumping from one unfinished project to another.”
“Module 3 was great. It helped me to evaluate my home and what I liked and disliked about either how the house was structured for how I was organizing it. Since we just bought out home beginning of June this was a great exercise to get ti know my home better and see how I wanted thing organized (as well as see which was what bugged me most). I won't be starting on what bugs me most yet (too overwhelming) but I hope to get to it very soon. I am going to start with an easier but just as important room first to get me going. I liked learning about the 6 cleaning categories and the differences between them. I felt breaking them out into the different categories on the second worksheet was very helpful in seeing what needed to be decluttered, verse what needed to be organized, etc and gave me smaller lists to work on. I am excited to use the room evaluators sheets for all the rooms in my home! Very useful!”
“To be honest once I finally got past the mental barriers and started this module to find my true why, I really did start to have energy and get excited about getting started on organizing my home. I found I struggled with doing this section for a long time because trying to find time to sit and find that try why was daunting by myself. I kept waiting to try and do it with my husband but finding time for us both to sit and do it took some time but once I got my husband on the same page we just got going and we flew through module two and had all these ideas of where to start and what to do. I would definitly recommend doing this course with your spouse because now we know why we want to do this and can motivate each other to keep on track.”
Too Good To Be True?
I know.  You're saying,
"You're giving me all of that for only $100!?

That's how much it costs to pay a professional organizer for an hour or two of their time...
there's got to be some sort of catch!
There's no catch, because here's the truth: 

I have received a lot of feedback from my readers that they need and want help organizing their homes.

With my blogging platform, I knew I was in a position to help... 

However, I wasn't sure exactly what would be the best way to accomplish it. 
I soon realized that I had three different choices...
1) The first option would be to work one-on-one with people in their own homes, just as essentially all professional home organizers do.  

However, this would have been very expensive and required travel and time that I do not have.  Plus it would be very expensive for you and I wouldn't be able to help very many people.

(2) The second option would have been to create a course or some other online resource that was very basic for free.

However, I wouldn’t have been able to stack on the value for you and help you to resolve the actual, underlying issues that are truly holding you back from success.

(3)  Put my heart and soul (including 6 months of my time and thousands of dollars) into creating an outstanding course that would really make a difference in the lives of my readers.

So, given these 3 options, I decided to go with the final one.

This obviously requires a slightly higher investment on your end than it would as a basic course. 

But in exchange for that I can dedicate more time energy and resources to help guarantee your success.  Sound like a fair trade?
Let me ask you a question...
I just want you guys to think about what the end result is worth to you...
How much would you be willing to pay to have a home that brings you peace and happiness?  What about a life that is filled with balance and clarity?
You can probably see why people would pay $1,000-2,000 to have a similar result of me coming in your home and holding your hand through the process. 

This is because the value of finding your balance in an organized home is worth much more than that, especially when you consider it over several years after these routines and processes are in place.

So here's the deal, 

because you are learning how to do it yourself...

and because I have already taken the time to extract all my knowledge and give you the resources you need...
You Only Pay $100
And remember, the processes and routines I will be teaching you will last you a lifetime as opposed to having professional cleaners come in and doing it once, only to have it messy again in a couple weeks or months.
Sounds like a much better deal doesn't it?
As soon as you are ready you can go ahead and click the button below!
I Asked, You Answered!
What are some of the most common concerns that I address and help you overcome in this course?
"I don't have the time”

“I don't know how to break it down into manageable chunks”

“How do I balance other activities?”

“I don’t have enough energy / motivation"

"I'm overwhelmed and don't know where to start"

“I'm scared / unable to commit”

“I don't trust myself”

“I don't have the confidence I will finish” 

"How do I maintain / keep on top of it?"

“I have a hard time with inconsistency / finding balance”

“I'm afraid of quitting too soon and having it be a mess”

“How do I build the habits and routines?”

“Keeping it clean and organized”
“Staying focused and not getting distracted”

“I have physical limitations”

“I don't have the supplies / resources / money (i.e. containers etc.) / storage space”

“I don't want to part with things”

“What do I do with all the stuff? Donate? Kids?”

“What if I need it later?”

“My family has stuff they want to keep”

“Family is not being helpful or even counterproductive... How do I get my family on board?”

“No sense of design / vision for what I want”

“Lack of knowledge”

“Afraid of not doing it right”

“Being okay with not having it perfect”
Still Not Convinced?
From the desk of Amy Huntley:

Dear homemaker,

I just wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to show interest in The Balanced Home Course by reading this entire page and / or by watching my webinar. I am so excited to be able to share the processes that I know will help you bring clarity and balanced to your life and home!

Because I know that sometimes it can be difficult to take that initial leap of faith, I wanted to give you something that would allow you to get your feet wet a little, something that you could access RIGHT NOW.  I think you'll like it.  

I've opened up a "sneak peek" section of my course, where you can access one or two of the lessons that are a part of The Balanced Home Course.  

If you click the button below you will be able to create your own personal account / log in for the course and access the "sneak peek" videos.  I know you'll love them.  After you've completed the lessons you are welcome to come back to this page and purchase the rest of the course.  

See you in the course!

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Recipe Binder: Looking for a cute way to organize your recipes? Check out our printable Recipe Binder! Get organized with all of your recipes in one easy to find place by using our printable Recipe Binder today! PLUS, when you buy now, you will get my 6 MOST POPULAR RECIPE EBOOKS, containing over 100 of my all-time favorite recipes!!!

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